Ham Fair 2001

31 August to 02 September 2001

Jim Tittsler 7J1AJH/AI8A

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Diamond Antennas

The Diamond RHM5 (right, rear on the pedestal) is a 1.55 meter long 5 band vertical that looks perfect for the FT-817. It covers the 7/14/21/28/50MHz bands and is rated at 20W SSB. It weighs 280g and is terminated in a standard M connector (PL-259). It has a telescoping top section. List price Y19,800 (show price Y14,800 US$125)

The HV7CX (left on the pedestal) is a 1.9 meter mobile antenna of similar design, but rated at 120W from 7 to 28MHz, and 200W from 50 to 430MHz. List price Y17,800.

new Diamond products (Japanese)











Diamond also offers some smaller, lighter, base-loaded mono band HF whips.



The Diamond BUH is a small plastic bracket that can be tripod mounted and which accepts their DP7R dipole center insulator. (BUH Y3500, DP7R 7~10 MHz Y15,800, additional loading coils about Y4000/pair)

Radix Antennas

Radix offer a number of antennas, particularly V-dipoles and small beams. They've designed a new version of their V-dipole that is made for use on the go. Antenna elements screw directly onto the center plate and balun assembly for use on 28 and 50 MHz. Optional base loading coils fit between the element and center plate for use on lower frequencies. It disassembles into parts no longer than 58cm, weighs about 1.2 kg with a pair of coils, and assembles with finger hardware. (RD-S106 Y10,000, coils Y3,000/band)





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