Ham Radio Software

vxur allows reading from and vxuw allows writing to a Yaesu / Vertex Standard VX-5R (and similar) handheld radios and the FT-817/FT-857 transceivers in "clone" mode. These command line utilities allow easy backup of the rig memory.
EchoMac is a program originally written by Steven Palm, N9YTY, to provide Macintosh OS X access to the EchoLink network for amateur radio VoIP. It builds a Cocoa GUI around the echoLinux backend. I am the current maintainer. Support questions not answered by the Help files are best addressed to the echomac-users mailing list.

Operating in Japan


Most of the APRS operation in the Tokyo area takes place on 144.64MHz 9600 baud packet and 144.66MHz with 1200 baud packet.


Reciprocal Licensing


I am a member of the Gisborne Amateur Radio Club and the Tokyo International Amateur Radio Club (TIARA).


W1MX 1974 WN1TWD (member W1MX)
1975 WA1TWD (very active at W1MX, and the W1XM VHF/UHF contest station)
WA1TWD/8 1977 WA1TWD/8 from Columbus, Ohio
AI8A 1979 AI8A from Columbus, OH
St. Joseph, MI (I was "one of the Hams at Heath", but in the computer section)
Chatsworth (Los Angeles), CA
Los Gatos, CA
  1991 7J1AJH Mitaka, Tokyo, JAPAN
  2006 ZL2IA Gisborne, NEW ZEALAND
  2010 ZL2IA/4 Te Anau, NEW ZEALAND
  2013 7J1AJH Mitaka, Tokyo, JAPAN

Also active from New Zealand (ZL0AH?, ZL0AKK) and Canada VE7/AI8A.


Jim Tittsler 7J1AJH/ZL2IA/AI8A
Mitaka, Tokyo
Email: 7J1AJH at OnJapan.net