Ham Fair 2001

31 August to 02 September 2001

Jim Tittsler 7J1AJH/AI8A

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Electro Design

Elecraft, Heil, Vibroplex, Wilderness, SuperAntennas, Palm Radio


Vern Wright, W6MMA, of SuperAntennas showing off the MP-1 and MP-2 at the EDC booth.


EDC imports a variety of US gear, much of it for the QRPer. They market the Elecraft and Wilderness Radio rigs in Japan, and are also importers of Heil microphones, Vibroplex and Palm Radio paddles.


Patcomm, SGC, MFJ


Rob van den Ent, PE9PE, demonstrating the Patcomm transceivers and receiver were available at the JACOM booth.


JACOM had a good selection of SGC and MFJ products for sale.


Takada-san of Mizuho

With JA1AMH, Takada-san of Mizuho, who is standing behind their new small KX-QRP wide-range antenna tuner. (Thanks to JA1CQT for the photo.)


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