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The JAIA Ham Fair 2003 was held at Tokyo Big Sight (sic) again this year. The two day event shrank to only a single hall. The club booths (and flea market area) seemed as active and packed as ever, but the commercial exhibits were smaller.

The new Kenwood HF/50 MHz transceiver looks great for operation where space is limited. Its detachable front panel and PC control features look great. There were also a number of new antenna releases, from small 2.4GHz mobile antennas to giant towers.




The Tokyo Big Sight International Convention Center, as one of the Yurikamome trains passes.


The entrance to the exhibit hall.


The 8N1HAM special event station had stations from 7MHz to 10.1GHz.


8N1HAM antennas on the roof plaza of the convention center overlooking Tokyo Bay.


JA3CKF was back again with his wind-powered FT-817.


Antennas and rigs on sale at the Tomei Denshi Co.


Jacom showing their line of MFJ and SGC products.


After an absence of several years, Luso is back in a big way. They are offering giant motorized crank-up towers, like the Luso 28NS of which only a tiny portion is shown here. This thing is so massive that you had to wonder how they got it into the exhibit hall, and how they got it erected once it was inside. It makes the standard amateur towers in the next aisle look tiny by comparison.

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