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The 2004 JAIA Ham Fair was held at Tokyo Big Sight (sic) again this year. Attendance appeared to be up Saturday, with a large crowd in the morning. Special event station 8J1A is on HF through 1200MHz, including a D-STAR station on 1200MHz.

  • Yaesu is showing their FT dx 9000 MP (Y1,100,000), FT dx 9000 D (Y1,050,000, available 2004/12), and FTdx9000 Contest HF transceivers.
  • Icom is showing off their IC-756PROIII. They are also demonstrating a lot of D-STAR equipment, such as the new D-800 transceiver, including how it can tie in to GPS.
  • Kenwood's ARCP-480 Radio Control Program allows complete control of your TS-480 locally or remotely.
  • AOR is offering a tube type audio amplifier. They also have an SR 2000 FFT Surveillance Receiver. (Y239,400) The AOR ARDV8000 crams a digital voice system into an oversized speaker-mic for an HT.
  • FR Radio Lab is offering a range of very tiny EH antennas for 160 to 20 meters.


Tokyo Big Sight Convention Center

Tokyo Big Sight Convention Center, site of the Ham Fair (and the JAM model railroad show)

ticket queue at Ham Fair 2004

Queue Saturday morning waiting to buy tickets


Construction Corner, where people of all ages could be introduced to radio and electronic construction by a staff of mentors.


standing room only at the JARL DSTAR booth


8J1A special event station was operated from HF to 1.2GHz, complete with a DSTAR station on 1.2GHz


8J1A antenna farm atop the convention center


closeup of the antennas, showing the DSTAR installation


Cubesat prototypes


JARL homebrew contest

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